About Master Sher

Master Sher O’Rourke
Soul Power provides us with exceptional opportunities for healing, spiritual growth and deep transformation. It has been a great joy in my life to have had these very experiences.

Master Sher is a Worldwide Representative and Disciple of Master Zhi Gang Sha who leads Master Sha's Soul Healing Centre in Toronto, Canada. She is a Divine Channel, Soul Communicator and Reader of the Akashic Record. Master Sher recovered completely from a serious case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through the practices and divine blessings received by Master Sha. Her journey to enlightenment has opened her heart to the challenges and suffering of others.
Master Sher has studied Soul Healing intensely since 2004 and has been empowered through Master Sha and the Divine to offer many divine services. Some of these divine services include Sickness Karma Cleansing and Soul Mind Body Transplants as well as Divine Protection Packages to assist your healing journey on the deepest levels.
 Soul Healing techniques are simple and effective and can be applied to any aspect of life including health, relationships, business and finances. It is my honor as a disciple of Master Sha to share what I have learned and experienced through my teacher. It is my aspiration to carry his teachings forward and to be of the highest service. I would be honored and delighted to serve you and your loved ones. It would be my privilege to offer teaching and healing in your area.

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